Success Stories

Laura, California



Alina has been a pleasure to work with. She was attentive and supportive every step of the way. From our initial discovery call to the RTT session itself, Alina focused on the desired outcome and guided me gently through every phase. And the audio she made for me was spot on! It helped reinforce the positive changes we accomplished in the session. Alina's calming voice surely helped make the audio even better 🙂 I can confidently recommend Alina and her RTT services.
With Alina’s guidance, I was able to find and release the root cause of the physical trauma I had experienced throughout my life. I could immediately feel the trauma releasing its grasp on my body, allowing everything to comeback into alignment. Alina’s skillful transformation has put me on a path to total and permanent healing. I will be forever grateful for Alina’s phenomenal skills, insight, and talent.
i. I’ve been struggling with OCD for over a decade, and I knew I needed a change. I’ve tried talk therapy for years but not much has changed. I started working with Alina and for over two months our sessions have been a huge success. Working with Alina has given me courage to remove blocks that were holding me back for so long. Now, I am moving forward in my life with so much positivity, embracing my present and future with joy, hope and happiness. I am so grateful for Alina’s extraordinary skills, endless support, and generous help.
Hello everyone! My name is Zhenya Nechitaylenko, I am 42 years old and I am Alina's happy client. More than six months ago, I met Alina and had my first RTT session. My main request was to find and eliminate the cause of my autoimmune disease. I was worried that nothing would work, that it would be hard and painful. Alina literally welcomed me with care, warmth and attention from the first minutes of our session. I felt that with her I wasn’t afraid, I trusted her. And it was an amazing session!!!! Together we found answers to the most important questions and, most importantly, the cause of the disease. We removed it immediately. After the session, I felt incredible lightness and freedom from the questions that tormented me for the past 4 years. It was the first, but not the last session I had with Alina. She helped me fix the food scenario: I stopped eating in front of the TV, seizing stress, overeating, and seeking love through food. Alina helped me remove blocks for success and being in public. Now I easily go out in public and declare my success with pride. I used to work for the success of others and now I work for my own. It brings me pleasure, energy and more money. I know that I will come to Alina more than once for her RTT sessions, we do it online, because I live in Moscow. I will continue to work with this sensitive kind and talented person, because she helps me to become better, more successful, healthier and happier me.