My Story

Healing always starts with a choice.

My healing journey began when I started listening to that sweet, little voice inside me that was so eager to be heard and understood.  This voice was reaching out in order to be free, in experiencing life with curiosity again. With the help of RTT’s innovative methods I’ve gotten to reconnect with a part of myself that always felt left out, abandoned and unwanted. This rejoiceful moment was when I healed that part of myself, which I didn’t think was ever possible.  It gave me complete freedom of choice, welcoming change and allowing me to step into my true self-worth and true self-powers.

Rapid Transformational Therapy is the choice that has changed my life forever in so many beautiful ways. Each of us has a little adorable child residing within us. We tend to forget that inner child because daily life takes over: going to work, paying bills and taking care of our families. 

RTT provided so much freedom for me to finally become whom I’ve always wanted to be: the beautiful, confident, powerful self.

When I realized how impactful this moment was in my life, I decided to become a facilitator of this deep healing, to my amazing clients.  I help my clients to heal themselves, explore life with curiosity and thrive. When we embrace all parts of ourselves- something truly magical happens and we finally allow our voice to be heard.  We stand up a little taller knowing, our true worth: Accepting ourselves for who we are… open doors to unlimited opportunities.